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Goode Intentions

Matthew Goode, 37, the British actor most recently seen alongside Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in Allied, is the new face of the new Pal Zileri SS17 ADV campaign. Here he talks to Peter Howarth, formerly editor-in-chief of Esquire and Arena magazines, about the importance of great, Italian tailored style.

Matthew Goode in Pal Zileri. ADV campaign Spring Summer 2017

Matthew Goode first discovered Pal Zileri because of a terrible mistake. ‘I really messed up,’ he explains. ‘My wife and I were going to a wedding and I had to pick up my tails [traditional white tie tailcoat and trousers] from the dry cleaners in the morning and then we were going to head up to Oxfordshire in the afternoon for the celebration,’ he says. ‘But when I got to the cleaners they were closed! So I called my friend and said, “Look. I’ve got a nightmare. I don't have my suit. Do you have one?”. He said he did, and lo and behold, it was by Pal Zileri.’

Fortunately, Goode was a similar size to his saviour and made it to the wedding in his new outfit. But the event proved more significant than just a lucky escape. ‘The suit was midnight blue and the material was fantastic,’ he remembers. ‘The cut fitted me like a glove and the shirt showed perfectly, just about a centimetre there,’ he indicates his wrist. ‘I was laughing to myself because the way I was dressed was getting a lot of attention, and I was thinking "It's not even mine – I’d better not lose it." And, I decided, I must get myself one of these suits.’

So he did, and he’s never looked back. There is something special about the Italian aesthetic and how it is realised through craftsmanship, he believes. ‘It's an appreciation of beauty. Look at Rome: as a city it’s always been about an appreciation of the most beautiful. When you see what they were able to carve from marble, it’s pretty special. I don’t know how they did it. A block of marble becomes a thing of beauty, and not a single mistake. It blows my mind, it really does.’

Matthew Goode in Pal Zileri. ADV campaign Spring Summer 2017

Why are the Italians so good at fashion, in his opinion? Is it just down to great quality and craftsmanship then? ‘I think it’s got something to do with la dolce vita,’ he explains. ‘They like to look good and it’s about looking attractive. It’s about the passion that leads to good style – it gives charisma and personality. Sometimes the Italian look can be too much for an Englishman like me, but that’s fine – we're quite understated, we don't like to wave a flag saying "this is me, here I am"! So that's another reason I like Pal Zileri – there are different textures, fabrics and colours that I can choose from to reflect my style.’

He tells the story of how he recently went to the Pal Zileri store in London’s New Bond Street and saw a striking rusty brown cashmere coat. ‘The guys in there wondered if I’d wear it and I had to say I think it’s beautiful, but it’s probably not for me. Instead I went for a fantastic tux which is slightly different as it’s blue. And then one of my favourite things has to be this fantastic pair of trousers – I've never seen anything quite like them before… they're playing with being modern and a slightly futuristic cut really. I paired them with a roll-neck – I'm such a fan of a roll-neck, they're so comfortable, and it's really cold in Britain! On top of that I put a brilliant jacket which is great for travel and really warm; it’s made from a jersey material, so it looks almost structured but it’s actually really soft, which shocked me a bit. I wasn't expecting it to hold its form so well.’

It sounds like what he found was a combination of quality, design and comfort? 

‘Yes – that’s really important. Absolutely. When you have children, as I do, you're running around and picking things up, and if you have a nice suit on it has to be comfortable. And I travel a lot, too, and you don’t really like travelling in tailored clothes usually because within a few hours they’re crumpled. But with this particular jacket you don't have to worry about it.’

Pal Zileri, then, seems to have set its sights on engineering great quality contemporary pieces for men that suit the way we live now. Goode agrees: ‘Exactly. That’s what’s impressed me.’

A shot from the backstage. Pal Zileri SS17 ADV campaign

A shot from the backstage. Pal Zileri SS17 ADV campaign

Matthew Goode for Pal Zileri shot by German photographer Dylan Don

Another shot from the backstage. Pal Zileri SS17 ADV campaign

The set of the Pal Zileri SS17 ADV campaign: the Muralla Roja building complex in Calpe, Spain

The set of the Pal Zileri SS17 ADV campaign: the Muralla Roja building complex in Calpe, Spain

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